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What are the 4 C's Of Personal Branding by shiny unsal

4 C's Of Personal Branding

Nov 03, 2022

Today we are talking about personal branding. 

You might be thinking "What's up with Shiny Minds Show and personal branding?" 

Well! The creator of Shiny Minds Show has done some personal branding and has done some marketing!

Before starting my own company, my own business, I was in the world of marketing and branding for a decade. I worked with personal brands, corporate brands and fortune 500 brands. So based on my experience, which is 20 years by now, I am also helping individuals create their personal brands.

There is a correlation between understanding human psychology and branding. Right? And there is also a relationship between how you think and how your language dictates your reality and how you can all create your personal branding with the way you look, you talk, you walk. 

So that's why today I will share 4 C's of personal branding so that you can think about your own personal branding from a different perspective.

If you are ready, let's talk about them!


The first C is about your brand's promise. 

  • What are you promising to the world? 
  • What is the contribution that you are going to make in people's lives? 
  • What kind of product and service it is that you're going to offer?
  • What is the end result, the end benefit, the end contribution to everyone that you're going to create? 

Your personal brand needs to convey that message and give and clarify your brand's promise as your contribution. 


If you don't have credibility, you don't have a brand period. You need to understand the concept of ETR, it's called “Earning The Right”.

Therefore, we earn the right, which means you have credibility, authority. People can come and get your advice. and pay you for whatever it is that you are offering,

Your credibility might need some other credible sources to partner up with you.

For example,

  • The schools that you went, they can be a form of credibility.
  • Certifications you received, they can be a source of credibility. 
  • Your customers, testimonials, clients view about you, they are an amazing source of credibility. 

Maybe you are going to get approval from some certain organizations like I work with ICF, International Coaching Federation to offer my coaching certification to the world. And when I partner up with them, when I get their stamp on my certification program, then there is credibility, non-negotiable. When you look at your personal branding, you also need to look at your own industry. 

  • Who are or what are or which institutions are great sources of credibility, and why?
  • Who could be my testimonials so that they can back me up and lift me up with my authority? 
  • What kind of other ways of credibility I can collect.?

That's a big part of your Personal branding. 


Well now we're going to talk about the elements of your personal branding assuming that you have chosen your specific font, color, look and feel. If you have a logo that needs to be clear, consistent all the time. 

When I worked at big multinational agencies, we created the brand manuals that were almost like the bibles of the brand. This is the logo. This is the color. This is how we can use it and we cannot use it this way. It's all clear. What to do, what not to do, and that's almost like a bible for your brand. 

If you haven't created such things yet. I encourage you to take a look and choose your brand identity. It's called brand identity and it has to be consistent everywhere.

I love purple, right? So, my brand color is purple so when you go to my website you're going to see a lot of purple and you're going to see a lot of shine elements because I am the creator of Neuro-Shine Technology™. So, there will be some elements of “Shine”, “Neuro Shine” and “Shiny Minds”. It is also going to be in the language that I use, obviously “Shiny Minds Show”. I named my stuff Shiny as part of my new personal brand and I could create it with my technology as Neuro-Shine Technology™

So that's the type of consistency, I'm talking about that. You need to have it as part of your personal branding.


Now we're going to talk about charisma because if you don't have charisma you don't have influence. If you don't have influence, you don't have customers. If you don’t have customers, you don't have a business. 

So you need to have some sort of charisma so that you can influence your customers, your clients, you can have your services, you can make your difference. And most importantly, you can keep your brand promise. 

Remember the first C contribution. So that's why you need that. People need to have that trust with you so that they can work peace of mind with you. And that's why you need to have Charisma and that's why you need to work on improving yourself.

Made with love ❤️ for a better world, with more love ❤️ and #ShinyMinds.

by Shiny Burcu Unsal

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