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4 C's Of Personal Branding

Aug 26, 2021

Today we are talking about personal branding. 

You might be thinking "What's up with Shiny Minds Show and personal branding?" 

Well! The creator of Shiny Minds Show has done some personal branding and has done some marketing!

Before starting my own company, my own business, I was in the world of marketing and branding for a decade. I worked with personal brands, corporate brands and fortune 500 brands. So based on my experience, which is 20 years by now, I am also helping individuals create their personal brands.

There is a correlation between understanding human psychology and branding. Right? And there is also a relationship between how you think and how your language dictates your reality and how you can all create your personal branding with the way you look, you talk, you walk. 

So that's why today I will share 4 C's of personal branding so that you can think about your own personal branding from a different perspective.

If you are ready, let's talk about them!

Made with love ❤️ for a better world, with more love ❤️ and #ShinyMinds.

by Shiny Burcu Unsal

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