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3 Signs You Don't Take Responsibility by shiny unsal

3 Signs You Don't Take Responsibility

Dec 08, 2022

 It's hard to understand where responsibility begins and where it ends. As part of your mindset tools, responsibility will remind you that this is your life, and you need to take accountability. You need to take ownership of your life. It's nobody's business. It's your life, your language, and your behaviors, and you are responsible for them. It's nobody else's business to be responsible for that.

And if you're not responsible, guess what happens? You don't improve, you don't take action, and you don't change anything, and in the end, you're not happy. So, it all comes down to happiness and living your best life as your best version.

For that reason, I want to share my experience and my observation after doing trainings for 9 and a half years and share 3 signs that you may not be taking full responsibility.



People will tell you and give you feedback immediately. Because you know if your actions, language, and behaviors bother them or you will hear from them, they will gladly tell you how they feel and why it is not okay for them to accept that behavior from you. 

And it will remind you that I am not taking as much responsibility as I should. And I am hoping it fills so that you can improve it. 


If there is a certain area of your life that you feel unhappy about, you want to change, but you don't change. You want to improve, but you cannot improve. Think about that area of your life. Why do you think you don't improve? Because you don't take responsibility.

Let's say your financial life. If you take full responsibility, you're going to sit down and talk to yourself and coach yourself and tell you to do different things. But if you're not doing them, if you're not taking action, that's what's not going to happen, improvement is not going to happen, and you won't improve that area. And that's how you understand that it is a sign. If you're not improving, you're not taking enough responsibility. 


The flow mindset and the flow concept have been researched over the years, especially by the co-founder of positive psychology. And flow mindset is something that you will be able to experience when you have enough responsibility and take enough action. 

And when you are 100% responsible and have ownership of your life so that you experience things coming to you, come in with the flow, just coming and going with ease. 

It's easier for you to attract them because you're in that flow. It is what you do. If you are not experiencing that kind of flow. If you are struggling, if you are stuck, if you're not improving, if you're not changing, and if you're hearing from people, those are the signs that you're not taking responsibility.  

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